Pedals and Cleats: Buying Guide

Looking to upgrade your pedals or maybe looking to invest in your first set. Have a read of this short buying guide put together by the experts at OverLive.

The Basics:-

There are multiple types of pedals. To keep it simple, you have Clipless (also known as Clip-Ins) and Flat (also known as Platform).

A brief description:

Clipless Pedals can either be for three-bolt cleats or two-bolt cleats. The Cleat is a piece of plastic or metal that’s attached to the sole of your shoe that clips into the pedal. Essentially, the three-bolt cleat will make more of a connection to your pedals and hold you in place firmer than a two-bolt cleat.

Flat Pedals are simple push-and-go pedals that you will usually find on a BMX or dirt-jumping bike.

Mountain Bike (MTB) Clipless will usually use the two-bolt cleat. They are integrated into the sole allowing you to walk around off the bike with no issues. It also allows you to clip in and out of the pedals easier which is handy for MTB riders who will stop more often than a Road cyclist for instance.


A Deeper Look:-

These are preferred by most road cyclists. This is mainly down to the better power and control you can achieve when using them. As the cleat has a much firmer hold on your foot, the momentum you can achieve can really make the difference when facing a challenging ride or when you’re feeling the burn towards the end of your ride.

Clipless Pedals will come loose from your foot with a simple twist of the heel. You can adjust what’s called ‘Float’ on most Clipless Pedals, this will make clipping out easier or harder dependant on your preference.

The Cleat is usually made of a plastic resin rather than metal and have a larger area to connect with your Pedal allowing clipping in easier and creating a better element on control.

These provide a much better ride for Mountain Bike cyclists. Compared to Platform Pedals you can get a greater momentum on the up and down strokes. As your foot is connected to the Pedal rather than it just being loose on the Pedal.

By using a two-bolt system instead of a Road Cyclists usual three-bolt, it allows you to clip in and out faster which comes in handy a you will likely need to dismount your Mountain Bike more often than a Road Bike.

Platform Pedals

BMX and Dirt Bike Riders will favour a pedal they can quickly get out of if something goes wrong or a crash is imminent.

The top Platform Pedals usually feature metal platforms with multiple spikes or pins for extra grip. Using these alongside trainers give the feel of being ‘clipped’ in without actually clipping in to the pedal. Some of the cheaper options on the market may feature Plastic grips which can still give the desired Grip effect and reduce slipping in wet conditions.

So, Which Pedals are Best for Me?

Are you a Road Cyclist?

We would highly recommend a clipless system for you. Look for brands like Shimano who are a top brand on the global market.

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Are you a Mountain Bike Rider?

The team here at OverLive would suggest a MTB Clipless System or a SPD/Platform Hybrid Pedal that is Cleat on one side and a Flat/Platform Pedal on the other.

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Are you a BMX / Dirt Bike Rider?

We would suggest a Flat/Platform set-up for BMX or Dirt Bike Riders. Look for brands like VP Components on the market.

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