Cycling Guides

Cycling: The Beginners Guide

Just starting out and looking to get into cycling? Or looking for tips in order to teach others? You can find all of that right here. Even if you’re a confident cyclist already but just want some additional suggestions, read on for more…

FIST Handwear – The Best Biking Gloves!

biking gloves

FIST Handwear are based out of Queensland, Australia. Their funky designs prove just how daring they are, and also why they’re being hailed as some of the best biking gloves on the market. Read on here!

Bicycle Tyres: Buying Guide

Bicycle Tyre Buying Guide

Welcome to our Bicycle Tyres Buying Guide! Maybe you’re looking for a brand new pair of tyres for your new Mountain Bike or Road Bike or a upgrade from your current pair.

Our Guide for Cycling in Summer

Cycling in Summer

The sunshine is beginning to creep out, many people will be dusting off their bikes from the shed and getting back out there! This may be you, or you may of been cycling throughout the colder months too. Either way, we hope you can find something useful.

Pedals and Cleats: Buying Guide

Pedals and Cleats Buying Guide

Looking to upgrade your pedals or maybe looking to invest in your first set. Have a read of this short buying guide put together by the experts at OverLive.

Bike Lights: Buying Guide

Bike Lights Buying Guide

Purchasing Bike Lights can be confusing as there are a lot of different options on the market to choose from. We have broke down the basics in this Buying Guide.

Our Guide for Cycling in Winter

Cycling in Winter

Cycling is enjoyable all year round – the only difference is that your bike will require a bit more care during the colder months to ensure that its still tip-top when summer rolls back around!

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