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Personal Data:

OverLive respects the privacy of anyone visiting our website.  This privacy policy is for the website and therefore complies with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1988.

We will only collect personal information about you (your name and e-mail address) through our website for marketing purposes and for packaging and shipping logistics.

When you do provide us with your personal data, we may use that information in the following ways:

  • We may save and analyse information that allows us to better understand your needs and learn how we can improve our products and services.
  • We may use the information to contact you about new products or promotions that we think may be of interest to you.
  • This information will be used to make our future product design and marketing efforts more efficient.
  • We will not sell, rent or exchange your personal data with any third party companies or organizations.

All electronic marketing communications sent by OverLive will be clearly marked as originating from us.  It will contain an unsubscribe link to enable you to unsubscribe from marketing communications.


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