We now stock Mitas Tyres and Tubes!

We’re happy to announce that we are now stocking a range of globally recognised Mitas Tyres and Tubes!

Read on below for more information about the brand, about why we decided they were a good fit with OverLive and a little bit about the range we are currently showcasing.

Who are Mitas?


Mitas are a tyre manufacture based out of the Czech Republic. They produce tyres for everything between bicycles and motorcycles to tractors and HGVs.

Their experience with bicycle tyres and tubes pre-dates back to 1929. The brand has a solution for any cyclist, whether it be Road, MTB, City and even Ice Bikes. All their tyres and tubes are manufactured by industry experts to the highest quality possible. Their manufacturing factories are based primarily in the Czech Republic.

Some interesting facts about the brand:

  • The largest tyre that they have everĀ  produced has a dimension of 7.1227034 feet
  • Their roots in the rubber industry go back as far as 1908
  • The fastest motorcycle road tyre enables speeds of 168mph or more
  • Their largest agricultural tyre weighs 1,280lbs and contrains 915ft of cord

How does Mitas fit in at OverLive:-

The team at OverLive think Mitas deserves a place in our catalogue for one simple reason – we believe in the brand.

We believe that their range fit a certain criteria in the current market. They offer top tier quality products at a fair price – the definition of ‘Quality without breaking the bank’. We think that the range we have chosen fills this criteria in our current tyre selection too.

Mitas Tyres and Tubes deserve to be the household name that brands like Shimano and Schwalbe have earned. We hope that this launch at OverLive only adds to their success and we hope that you believe in them as much as we do!

The range:-

Below is just a small glimpse into the Mitas range you can find at OverLive. Take a look through and click the links if anything takes your fancy, or scroll further down for a link to the full collection.

MITAS Flash Stop Thorn Tyre

Mitas Flash Tyres – available in four different sizes currently.


  • Ideal for On and Offroad Riding
  • 3mm Anti-Puncture Layer
  • Very Low Rolling Resistance
  • ‘Elite’ Rated
  • E-Bike Ready
Gaadi Endless Tube

Gaadi Endless Tube – Designed so you can replace the inner tube without removing the wheel.


  • Ideal for E-Bikes
  • Schrader Valve
  • 40mm Valve
  • Boxed
MITAS Syrinx Road Tyre

Mitas Syrinx Tyre – available in one popular size currently.


  • Contains a Dense and Rigid Rubberized Fabric Around the Bead of the Tyre
  • Elasticated and Durable for Protection Against Punctures
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