Welcome to OverLive Fishing!

We are OverLive and we have a brand new sector to our catalogue – fishing equipment!

In this short blog, we will go through some of the top products from our new range, as well as some of the popular categories. We are very proud to be able to offer these great products from great brands you already know and love!

Our Fishing Categories:-

Browse below the Fishing categories that OverLive currently offer. With a little bit of information under each one. Be sure to check back often as we are continuously adding to our ranges…

See our range of Baits and Artificial Baits.

After all, you won’t be catching many fish without it!

Use these to get your bait onto or around your hook.

Without doing that, you won’t be catching many fish!

Getting your desired bait to your desired spot on the water your fishing is half the battle. 

Make fishing a little bit easier!

These bank sticks and rod rests will allow you to out your rod down and keep it safe.

Detect more bites with our range of bite alarms and bobbins.

From the top brands you know and love!

Stay dry, stay comfortable and stay warm!

The essential for night fishing.

There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable.

A good fishing chair can really make the difference.

To really look after your catch, it’s worth investing in a cradle or an unhooking mat to ensure no damage from gravel or grass.

Looking after your fish should always be a top priority.

Our range of Fish Aid equipment helps to keep the fish healthy!

From Poncho’s, Jackets, Trousers, Gloves and Hats – take a look at our range of all fishing clothing!

Pleasure, match or carp fisherman?

This selection of Floats and Controllers will suit your every need.

Browse our range of Landing Nets, Net Handles and other Net Accessories right here.

Use Leads to add casting weight to your rigs and split shots to add weight and keep controllers or floats in place.

You’ll need light to see what you’re doing on the banks. You’ll also need them for night fishing. 

Whilst fishing for longer periods, you’ll need somewhere to put your rod down and stick the alarms on!

Browse our collection of ready-made Rigs and Rig Accessories. These will come in handy!

Ask any fisherman, they’ll tell you they never have enough storage for all their kit… time to change that!

Surely a tackle box is an essential? Keep all the tackle in one place and organised neat and tidy too!

Need a tub to mix baits, store baits or carry extra equipment? Browse our range of Tubs and Buckets at OverLive!

Whether it be scissors, knot pullers, forceps, baiting needles any everything in between. Browse our range of Fishing Tools!

Being able to weigh your catch is the top priority when out fishing for the day. In order to do that you’ll need your scales and slings.

Browse the full collection of Fishing products from OverLive right here. Alternatively, use categories to search for a specifics.

Our Top Fishing Products:-

Below is a handful of our teams favourite products from the fishing range.

We hope you like them as much as we do!

Artificial Baits
Carp Bomb Controller
NGT Quickfish Scales

NGT Klone Artificial Bait

NGT really delivered with this set! All your artificial baits in one place in a secure and manageable box. This set contains floating baits and sinking baits of all different styles and colours. This artificial bait sets includes Sweetcorn, Bread, Maize, Pellets, Maggots and Dog Biscuits.

Kodex Carp Bomb Controllers

From carp professionals, Kodex. This is a Carp Bomb Controller, available in 5, 10 and 15g depending on where and how you will be casting. Simply attach onto a quick-link swivel or standard swivel and cast out your line with rig attached. A trialled and tested technique that’s guaranteed to catch you fish!

NGT Quickfish Scales

These are the NGT Quickfish Scales with a large LCD screen for easy viewing in all light and weather conditions. With a display in either LBs or KGs dependant on your personal preference. These scales will even store your heaviest weight recorded! No worries regarding battery levels as these scales have a 60-second shut off so you’re not wasting charge. Batteries are included.

NGT Bed Chair
Split Shot Lead
NGT Magnetic Bivvy Hooks

NGT 6 Leg Bed Chair

The Classic NGT Bed Chair is back… returning as a recliner! With a luxury micro-fleece fabric to keep your snug and warm during the coldest nights. The new and improved bed now includes additional webbing on the back of the mattress for more body support. With six fully adjustable feet to keep you high and dry! The built-in pillow keeps you comfortable all night through.

Dinsmores Split Shot Dispenser

All the split shots you will need. This pocket-sized dispenser carries eight different size shots for different requirements. From SSG to No. 8 and everything in between! Split shots have many different uses, from securing all sorts of floats and controllers to weighing down carp rigs against the lake bed.

NGT Magnetic Bivvy Hooks

What an invention! This a pack of two super strong magnets to connect to your bivvy fabric allowing you to hang things up! Simple and effective, can be used in bivvies, tents and even on brollies. Ideal for hanging anything up from your jacket to forceps.

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