We’re happy to see you at OverLive, here we provide high quality cycle parts and cycling information to you wherever you are in the UK. One of top demanding areas is providing bicycle parts in Newcastle.

Based on the statistics we have gathered from the Newcastle area, the below five categories are the most chosen on our site. If you’d like to click through these and see our range. Alternatively, you can scroll back up to the top of this page and search by category or by brand.


So that’s the products that we offer… what else you may be asking?

We are just as proud of our catalogue as we are proud of our Handy Guides and Buying Guides.

Both of these are linked below, there you can find informative guides on all things cycling. Whether that be Buying Guides on Pedals, or Tyres. Or maybe top tips on Cycling in Winter or Summer.

If you need to get in contact OverLive for any reason or about bicycle parts in Newcastle. You can do that via Twitter using the link below. While you’re there it may be worth following us to stay updated on stock, new products and company information.

If you do not have a Twitter account, you can drop us an email. Our email can be found at the top and bottom of this very page…

As well as Newcastle, we also serve many locations around the UK. See the links below if you’d like to read more about each one!

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