The Beginners Guide to Carp Fishing!

Beginners Guide to Carp Fishing

In this Guide from OverLive, we run through the Complete Beginners Guide to Carp Fishing. Want to get into Fishing but don’t know where to start – well, start here!

How to Tie a Hair Rig!

How to Tie a Hair Rig

The Hair Rig is one of the most effective yet simple Fishing Rigs you can use. In this informative guide we will show you how to tie one and how to add bait to this Rig too.

A Complete Guide to Float Fishing

The team at OverLive have put together this guide on Float Fishing. Read more about how set-up your Floats, the types of Floats you might need and much more!

How to Trap or Catch Crayfish in the UK

In this informative blog we will run through everything you need to catch Crayfish, the equipment you need, the best tips, as well as the laws and rules to catch Crayfish within the UK!

Welcome to OverLive Fishing!


We are proud to finally announce we are now stocking Fishing equipment as well as Cycling products.

In this short blog we show our categories and some of our favourite products.

Cycling: The Beginners Guide

Just starting out and looking to get into cycling? Or looking for tips in order to teach others? You can find all of that right here. Even if you’re a confident cyclist already but just want some additional suggestions, read on for more…

FIST Handwear – The Best Biking Gloves!

biking gloves

FIST Handwear are based out of Queensland, Australia. Their funky designs prove just how daring they are, and also why they’re being hailed as some of the best biking gloves on the market. Read on here!

We now stock Mitas Tyres and Tubes!


Read here for more information about the brand, about why we decided Mitas was a good fit with OverLive and a little bit about the range we are currently showcasing.

Bicycle Tyres: Buying Guide

Bicycle Tyre Buying Guide

Welcome to our Bicycle Tyres Buying Guide! Maybe you’re looking for a brand new pair of tyres for your new Mountain Bike or Road Bike or a upgrade from your current pair.

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